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Tacit Aria

Genres: Hard Rock, Alternative, Post-Hardcore

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Tacit Aria (tʌ-cēt ahr-ee-uh) Hebrew and latin for „a silent melody‟ Zahir Latif – Vocals Irfan Ramli – Lead Guitars/Backup Vocals Harith Jamal – Rhythm Guitars/Backup Vocals Hafiz Ramlan – Bass Hydhir Ramli - Drums Post-Hardcore, alternative and metal is just some of the genre influences integrated into Tacit Aria’s style of music. They pushed their musical boundaries further with every step to create their own, significant sound as well as keeping within reach of their heavier influences. Tacit Aria has evolved from what started out to be a simple studio band to a live heavy weight act. Initially, they made several line-up changes during the dawn of 2008. Unsettled with his previous band, Zahir Latif joined the bandwagon, handling the vocal duties whereas Harith ‘Ris’ Jamal joined, handling guitar, assisting with backup vocals. The new inclusions provided a massive lift for the band in terms of song writing and musical style. Due to the diversity of each of the band member’s personal tastes, their music is a mix match between tunes that are heavy, thick and in your face. Vocals ranging from a tiny melodic tone to big anthemic choruses, signing tinges of Saosin, Finch and Taking Back Sunday. Apart from all that, the band values creativity so much that every song stood poles apart in terms of structure and technicality.