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Tadashi Yonago

Genres: Noise, Ambient, Experimental

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Tadashi Yonago aspires to create bridges between art and the everyday life, presenting his works in different environments and contexts. As a composer and programmer, he performs music and makes site specific installation art with instruments such as trombone and piano, DIY electronics and computer. In an effort to reach unsuspecting audiences in their day-to-day life, he designs and builds street vending machines selling artworks created by himself and his friends. He is the general manager of FLOAT, a former warehouse located on the banks of the Ajigawa River in Osaka, which he turned into an open event space and incidentally, his home. He is also the head editor for print and web magazine “YOSOMI”, in which writers offer their reflections on literature, music, cinema, etc. as well as accounts of their personal life. The aim is to blur the borders between art one can only experience in designated spaces and things that affect individuals in their everyday life. Yonago is a member of electronic ensembles SjQ and SjQ++. The latter received an Award of Distinction at Ars electronica 2013, in the Digital Musics and Sound Art section.


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