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Genres: Alternative, Pop-Rock

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TANAKUTA was formed just to continue the passionate they are in music. It was August 2014 Dalton shared his music to Joel “Kutoy” Atienza, they were coming from different bands almost half a way to make it but unfortunately unable to continue due to some unexpected circumstances. At the beginning it is just only Dalton wanted to create as solo artist and asking for some hand of Kutoy to accompany him to make the music recorded. But from day to days to come, they started to like each other's company and decided to form a band. They have meet two of their friends and recruited to the group however, it did not last through some musical inclined. They once invited Edlord Negapatan who was also in the same situation which was his previous band did not make it so he decided to create also his own band with his friend Lancelot “Pang” Mejia and Lance also later on was introduced by Edlord to join the group. And finally they just made a band and rehearse every weekend and decided to get a gig just to get some listener's reaction. But before they are able to perform on their upcoming schedules, they are having difficulty what will be their band's name. Later on they finally come up and agreed to a name “TANAKUTA” which is the original title of their song, the name was easy to remember but hard to forget. Dalton Gamao Edlord Negapatan Kutoy Atienza Lance Mejia


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