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Taragana Pyjarama

Genres: Chillwave, Ambient, Electronica, Deep House

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We really don‘t know what they put into Danish water, but something‘s gotta be responsible for all that freeform talent pouring out of that country. Think of WhoMadeWho, Jatoma, When Saints Go Machine or Kenton Slash Demon, all sharing a keen sense for structural complexity made accessible through emotion and pure boldness. These guys freed their minds a while ago, so the asses seemingly followed suit and now constantly demand to be shaken. With two of those acts already signed to Kompakt and the other two being staff favorites since their first acoustic blurps, it was just a question of time until we would discover another totally unique producer from Denmark. Enters Taragana Pyjarama, a project whose music is as refined as it is chaotic, described by some as a fairytale with a bassline.


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