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Team Me

Genres: Indie Pop, Chamber Pop, Alternative

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Team Me is an indie pop band from Norway. Their 2011 debut studio album ‘To the Treetops!’ won the 2011 Norwegian Grammy Awards (Spellemannprisen) in the category “Best Pop Group of the Year”. They are currently in Elverum recording their second studio album due for release in 2014. The band's songs “Fool” and “Weathervanes and Chemicals” started to get spread around on blogs all across the world in 2010, and the band kept playing shows in Norway, including summerfestivals as Øyafestivalen, Pstereo and Volumfestivalen in Norway the summer that year. In an article of the UK magazine Drowned In Sound, several UK music industry pointed out Team Me as one of the most interesting new bands in Norway at the time, and the band was one of the first to be announced to both By:larm 2011 and The Great Escape 2011. During 2011 “Me and the Mountain” was featured in the trailer to Liberal Arts a film by Josh Radnor.


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