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The Architek

Genres: hip hop, Rap

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Ralph The Architek is a hip hop producer/lyricist from The.XS Collective. As a beatsmith, he designs the sonic blueprint for emcees and vocalists to build their words on. Ralph also proved to be an emcee with a strong lyrical presence exploring various rhyming structures. He has mastered various styles of production on his digital sound canvas, FL Studio. He added the classic Akai MPC2500 hardware sampler to his sonic arsenal to further explore the more vintage style of sampling existing sounds to create something new. He also utilizes the MPC drum machine as a weapon of choice for live performances in which he plays some of his beats live for shows and rap cyphers. As a producer for other artists, The Architek caters to different spectrums of hiphop and other forms of music as well.



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