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The Cave

Genres: Rock, Alternative

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The Cave started in 2006 through drummer Haadi and guitarist Huxley deciding to get together and start playing as a band, after which a few ambitious school friends joined as well. Harry, Haadi, and Huxley were all good friends at this point, but only after a mild jam session did people realize that Harry had the ability and the potential to be a great singer. Soon after the discovery of Harry's vocal talent, the line-up had adjusted to a 5-piece band playing small gigs and hanging out. After members moving away and interests being divided, eventually the three H's were left without a bassist. In 2008, Emerson arrived to Singapore and met the other members of what we now call The Cave. After a chill audition and a bit of talking, the current line-up was formed and the band hasn't changed since. After hours and hours of practicing, covering songs, and playing small-time shows in school or in pubs during the day, songwriting became a priority. Songs like Light Years, Rain On Me, and Headspace were written in this early period of creativity being fleshed out. Eventually, gigs at the late Avalon, The Esplanade, and Scape began to come with more frequency, and more and more songs have been written since then. The Cave is, for the foreseeable future, focusing on making more music, making fans happy, and making a name for themselves.



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