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The Modern Playground

Genres: jazz

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Quezon City-based quintet The Modern Playground is a jazz band that takes the traditional forms of jazz such as swing and bebop, and combines them with the modern sounds of funk, fusion, neo soul, and hip-hop in an effort to spread the word of jazz to a younger and wider audience. Although formally formed sometime around August 2015, the members of the band have known each other for some time - as schoolmates, as members of the band scene, as friends and as rivals - all connected thru their passion for music and inclination towards jazz, which led them to be regulars at Tago Jazz Cafe's Sunday jazz open jams. The core of the group was started by keyboardist Juni Sitaca (UST BM Jazz Studies - Piano, RSDC) being invited to a Baguio gig, enlisting schoolmates and co-jammers Josh Chua Tulagan (UST BM Contrabass, Cygnet) and Tim Dadivas Odulio (UST BM Jazz Studies - Drums, MilesExperience), going by the humorously named "STD" (which stands for their last names Sitaca, Tulagan, Dadivas) and playing swing and bebop standards. During a session gig call (which sadly never happened), they brought in Kenneth Castillo (UP Diliman BA Journalism, Yomi no Kuni) as a guitarist, pushing their sound further into fusion territory while still maintaining their swing roots. They gigged for a while as "STDC" before deciding to add a vocalist into their lineup. The last piece of the puzzle was alto vocalist Faye Yupano (UST BM Voice) who was brought in for another session gig. Her addition marked another change in the band's sound, adding influences of vocal jazz, acid jazz, soul, gospel, and hip-hop into the fold. They were known as "STDC w/ Faye Yupano" for a while before settling on the name "The Modern Playground." The band is currently working on their debut album comprised of completely rearranged jazz standards to be released this 2016, and is set on writing original material.


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