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The Psalms

Genres: Experimental, Progressive, Noise

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There are no upcoming gigs for The Psalms.


The Psalms is a band formed in Singapore, circa 2006. Initially, the band dabbled in music influenced by Daughters (US) and The Locust (US) with much exploration in discordance or dissonance with objectives aimed at defining and redefining music. In 2008, the band experienced a change in their lead vocals and construction in their sound. At the same time, their first EP, 'Ishmael's Wishlist', inspired by the book, 'Ishmael' by Daniel Quinn was produced and launched in both physical and digital format, released by HeWhoCorrupts (Chicago, US). The digital format is sold with proceeds donated to Singapore's Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES). The band was featured in an interview with France's VoxPop, a reputable music magazine, and was described as "rhythmic potency in metal sounds with guitars blending both hardcore and noise, and a voice, similar to that of Camellia Jordana calling us into singing, shouting, and story-telling". In a gig review, The Jakarta Post journalist, Ari Ernesto Purnama who calls The Psalms as 'Singapore's pro-rock jewel' with "perhaps, if I follow my instincts, I can say that they're Sun Ra with rock riffs and a jazz improv a la Miles Davis with surprises thrown here and there, plus distorted bass lines akin to Japan's Ruins." The band's current line-up includes Nur Suhaili (lead vocals), Kye(guitars), Mish'aal (bass), Wan Gondrong (keyboards) and Isyraf (drums).