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The S.I.G.I.T

Genres: psychedelic rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock

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Indonesian quartet The SIGIT produce exhilarating mixture of hard-rock that has earned acclaim from Indonesia. The SIGIT was initiated in the late ‘90s by four high school friends, who shared a mutual admiration for rock gods of the ‘70s. Discreetly in the classroom, the group would listen to their ‘70s influences, in addition to recent phenomenon like Brit-pop, shoegaze, and modern punk-rock. After class they would re-convene in the garage, where they emulated the variety of sounds and styles they heard that day. The SIGIT’s wide range of stylistic interests made it difficult initially to identify the music scene that would fit their inventive material.

They consist of Aditya Bagja, Donar Armando, Farri Icksan, Rektivianto Yoewono.



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