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The Shabbab

Genres: Garage

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Hailing from Tel Aviv, Beirut and Middle East Brunswick, The Shabbab bring their eclectic backgrounds together to create a high energy and original performance. Think Tarantino making love to the Gang of Four and giving birth to an even more punk rock Rachid Taha! Known for getting their chest hair all over the crowd their high energy shows have to be seen to be believed. Israeli born front man Shuki lights up the dance floor while banging his djembe and singing his passionate words. Lyrically their music is personal and political, they talk of their own experiences in war zones as well challenging notions of difference. "The blood test says we can't be friends. We belong to different sides of the fence." The Shabbab refuse to accept the idea that we can't live together because of where we were born. We look the same. We eat the same. We talk the same. We swear the same. Let's live together! With this passion, musicianship and amazing dance moves it is no wonder that The Shabbab are one of the most exciting up and coming bands in Melbourne. After two years of playing around Australia and having just finished recording their debut EP they are set to explode with many local, national and inter-dimensional shows next year. If you haven't experienced The Shabbab, now is the time! YALLA, SHABBAB!


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