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The Sleepyheads

Genres: Art Rock, folk punk

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This proudly Pinoy indie folk-punk trio—John Jayvee del Rosario (vocals, drums, composition), Erick Encinares (bass, production, composition) and Rico Entico (guitar)—are ripping up and tearing down the barriers of mainstream music with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics, gritty low-fi sound and freakishly fun performances. While their infectious feel-good beats may induce uncontrollable fits of head bopping, toe tapping and jumping and jiving, the content of their music is certainly not lightweight. Their songs—intimate, fiercely poetic and deceptively meticulous—tackle everything from brokenhearted miseries to social alienation to warding off the disillusionment, chaos and decay that comes with modern urban life. Often serving as the opening act in Manila’s premier galleries such as Silverlens and Mo’s space, the band aims construct songs that will serve as the soundtrack to the art that surrounds them. The Sleepyheads are all about subverting the status quo and breaking down the barriers of a society steeped in self-consciousness and material concerns.


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