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The Voodoo Sound

Genres: funk, Hip-Hop, Roots, Electronic

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The Voodoo Sound is an award-winning Industrial Progressive-Rock Band from Singapore. It blends the artistic elements of funk, metal and traditional ethnic rhythms into a tight concoction of intense, experiential music. The desire to stand out among Singapore's many local percussion groups has pushed the band to attain a brand of sound to meet the diverse tastes of today’s audience. The band's sizeable line up of aggressive guitars, wild synthesizers and punchy drums support its arsenal of powerful vocals, carrying an identity that is distinctly Voodoo - FAST, LOUD, AND CRAZY! The band consists of members hailing from a deep spectrum of musical backgrounds, from orchestrally-trained heavy-metal musicians to funk masters with a penchant for the exotic. This diversity creates and shapes the band into its unique form. With the band's extensive performance repertoire ranging from exciting festivals, competitions, street shows and stage performances, audiences can expect an unforgettably magnetic experience. Need a performance to get a crowd rocking, shouting and up on their feet, wherever the venue? This is that band.



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