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The Wanderus

Genres: Rock

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The Wanderus consists of Pang Jinghui (Lead Vocals), Lam Pierre Jushung (Guitars), Daniel Hgalel (Guitars), Gabriel Lim (Bass), and Timothy Bracken (Drums). Founded in 2012, The Wanderus has been actively presenting music pieces to confound demarcations among genres.Stemming from multifarious musical backgrounds, The Wanderus culminates in a wave of alternative rock instrumentation with contemporary pop tunes. Thematically, The Wanderus displays a focus on a spacious concept and dissonances, fusing it with unsophisticated melodies to transcend audiences of various genres. Citing influences such as Foo Fighters and Sixx AM, The Wanderus presents an edgy cover for its indelible pop melodies.



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