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Genres: Indie Folk

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There are no upcoming gigs for TheSunManager.


These are, in essence, tiny fragments of myself. What I think is the meaning behind "TheSunManager": You know how since we were kids, the sun was a representation of warmth, joy, and happiness? I liked how it sat beside "Manager". It kinda (in some weird way) tells and reminds me of how happiness is a choice and not a journey. At first I was thinking of naming the solo project as my name but I thought that I really don't want people to know me just as this one face. (Also from a marketing perspective, my name is extremely common and a Latina actress comes up on Google haha) I feel like TheSunManager is an embodiment of that choice. The songs tell stories of choosing hope and positivity even through the tough times. I think that TheSunManager is a pair of empty shoes that anybody can wear. It's a constant reminder for me that I have a choice. Hopefully, the songs can serve as a reminder for you as well.