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This Wild Life

Genres: Pop Punk, Acoustic, Pop

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Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso knew the punk rock rulebook backwards and forwards. The duo behind This Wild Life grew up doing exactly what’s expected of kids growing up in the tightknit DIY scene in Long Beach – avoiding MTV and the radio, attending punk shows at Chain Reaction, the ear gauges, the tattoos. And of course, they started their own pop-punk band. They played fast, they played loud and they didn’t stand out from the crowd until they did the least “punk” thing possible. It was also bolder than anything in the punk rock rulebook: they got quiet. Their Epitaph debut Clouded is the triumphant result of years marked by small triumphs, big struggles and countless floor shows, bringing This Wild Life’s heartfelt, melodic and acoustic punk-rock to a bigger audience they’ve earned. But their melding of punk and folk is just an extension of their adolescence. Both Jordan and Del Grosso played drums before they were out of elementary school and before discovering the thrill of being a misfit, they had to endure the indignity of being a “band nerd.” Jordan laughs, “I thought I was one of the rebels in the drum line.” Meanwhile, when Del Grosso first picked up a guitar, his parents coaxed him to learn Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young “Helplessly Hoping.”


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