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Tiki Taane

Genres: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Dub, Reggae

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Possibly one of New Zealand’s most well-known and diverse artists and producers, Tiki Taane is considered a pioneer in the NZ music scene, first rising to prominence as frontman of leading band Salmonella Dub before embarking on his solo career in Jan 2007. Tiki’s debut solo release ‘Past Present Future’ achieved double platinum sales and picked up a swag of awards. His beautiful acoustic love ballad ‘Always On My Mind’ rose to No. 1 and broke two all-time NZ records – it sat in the charts for a record 54 weeks and was also the first-ever digital single to achieve platinum sales. In July 09,Tiki released his remix album ‘FLUX’ and in March 2011 his album ‘In the World Of Light’ which rose immediately to number 1 in the charts. Renowned as much for his powerful, headlining live performances as he is for the anthems he writes and produces,Tiki’s extraordinary ability to rock the mic as both a gifted performance MC and/or a solo acoustic performer is something to be experienced firsthand. Although affectionately known as ‘King of the Dubs’ in NZ, Tiki’s musical influences and appeal are broad, traversing from dubstep, traditional style reggae, old school drum and bass and hip-hop, to more contemporary pop/rock sensibilities. No matter the set he performs, we are always reminded of the sheer power of Tiki’s ability to unify, warm and wow an audience as he seamlessly delivers a unique performance experience.


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