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Tim Koh

Genres: Pop

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After discovering his talent in music at the tender age of 6, Tim has never looked back and has always aimed to be not just a good musician, but also a good performer. Jamming and singing along with friends was fun, but he always yearned to do something more. After he completed secondary school, Tim proceeded to Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, to take a course in Theatre where he specialized in ...acting. Till today, Tim uses the techniques he learned in that course, to perform, as well as expressing himself on stage. In his teens, Tim formed a band known as “ellipsis”, which enjoyed much success as a young cover band, and performed at many local events and venues. As Tim approached adulthood, he took a more serious view toward music, and signed up for guitar lessons, as well as music theory classes. Learning that music, just like Theatre is a form of art and not a sport, Tim learned that “feel” is just as essential as having good technique. Knowing the practicalities of life, and thinking of his future, Tim enrolled himself in Lasalle College Of The Arts, after his National Service, to do a degree in Pop Music Performance. Also a song-writer, he aims to release a mini album of some of his original tunes later this year. Mixing up his favourite genres, Tim’s originals are hard to label in one particular genre. Armed with a strong belief that hard work is the key to success, he delivers his music with only one goal in mind.. To touch the hearts of those who listen.



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