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Genres: Alternative Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Tiramisu.


Tiramisu was formed in 1998, the band started out as a mediocre musical project which eventually became a serious addiction and evolved into becoming a regular fixture in local independent gig listings around Singapore and Malaysia. Presently, Tiramisu has moved into a new realm of musical direction, they started on the idea of purposefully clashing their entire musical influences without guilt in order to find something fresh and crisp. The band brought across a new realm in the local music scene, a mini clown rock jamboree and a devastated disco discontent, they balanced kitsch and cock rock with serious subject of human condition. After 12 years, they have created a stir in the scene as a band with mystical sexualities and morbid desires for eclectic music. They are notoriously known for creating aimless surprises and spontaneity during their live performances. Tiramisu's present line up are Rizman Putra, Noorazlan Misnan, Mamat Modjo, Keith Su and Syed Ahmad.