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TO ensemble

Genres: improvisation, Acoustic, World Music, Jazz Fusion, jazz, Original, Orchestra

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TO ensemble (途乐团) is a groundbreaking contemporary Asian fusion ensemble from Singapore that explores dynamic relationships between visuals, movement and sound. TO ensemble (formerly Tze n Looking Glass) performs unique original music that is both sweeping cinematic-orchestral and an exhilarating fusion of jazz and Asian sounds. Often collaborating with film, contemporary dance and visual artists, TO ensemble's sound is a sonic tapestry of film score, jazz, Chinese, Indian, European classical music and anime/video game soundtracks. Described by The Business Times as “sophisticated and accessible", the ensemble's debut album Stories from wonderland was selected as one of the top albums of the year for having “helped shape music in 2011”. TO ensemble was conceived in 2007 by award-winning composer-pianist Tze Toh in his search for original sounds to reflect Singapore's diverse, multicultural, and harmonious society of east and west, modern and tradition. The Straits Times described him as “an extraordinary musician whose idiom straddles comfortably between genres of classical, jazz, world and film music”, who “possesses an original voice” in review of his 2015 solo piano concert LAND with NO SUN : Promemoria.


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