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Triple Threat DJs

Genres: Turntablism, hip hop

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Formed in 1999 as members of prominent DJ collectives, The Triple Threat Djs are made up of world champion DJs Vinroc (5th Platoon, NYC), DJ Apollo (Invisibl Skratch Piklz), Shortkut (Beat Junkies, ISP) and LA transplant, crowd controller Fran Boogie. At the height of turntablism's popularity in the late 90's, the divide between club goers and battle DJ spectators grew. The need came to find balance & blend the two differences: Goin back to the basics with selection, maintaining a party vibe while satisfying the hardcore scratch DJ heads. Triple Threat's mission is simple. Encompassing all elements of DJing, production, a battle DJ background, party rockin and embracing all genres of music. Pushing this philosophy became the pivital point that spawned the next evolution of upcoming turntablists turned DJs. Due to their early years in the mobile DJ soundsystem scene of the 80's, they carry on the tradition of raw DJ skills and diversity in music. The group recently entered Red Bull's global event "Culture Clash" in San Francisco in October 2014, competing against 3 other known Bay Area based DJ collectives from other genres. Despite being the underdogs, they went on to capture the title as the Bay's champion sound crew. "Triple Threat were a huge inspiration for me. Not only were they versatile party rockers, but they showed a generation of turnablists how to combine skills and musical knowledge" - A Trak (Fools Gold)


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