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Genres: Blues Rock

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for UBE.


Ube is a trio who plays a unique mix of funk, blues, and rock. Having only three members, Ube has the ability to de-emphasize melody and harmony bringing a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drum beats that reach the foreground to accompany a dance like guitar section. They are comprised of members with totally-diverse influences from the usual funk bands – POT, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and collectively other influences like Razorback, Wolfgang, Primus, NoFx and Rancid. With a whole lot of Blues, Funk, and Rock'n'roll, Ube takes pride in the "diverse yet powerful music" of their compositions. They also have a slight touch of Jazz that enhances the dynamics of the band’s sound and playing style. Ube is also a playful flavour, much like their music and ideas. They have come to embrace this and hopefully make a mark with other people as well.