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Genres: opm, Rock, Instrumental

Upcoming gigs

There are no upcoming gigs for Wilderness.


The band's energetic and bombastic percussivness is highly infectious and will indubitably start a craze on any dance floor. Blended with psychedelic sound-waves, Wilderness will escort you to dimensions and landscapes that transcends the conscious realm. This musical blend, packed with powerfully expressive and playful stage antics, lure and empower the audience to participate in the frenzy. Aside from creating a ruckus around Metro Manila and in various cities like Cebu, Iloilo, Baguio, Angeles, and Clark for 7107 IMF; The Wilderness crew have traveled to Japan to rock 5 shows in the Tokyo Music Week 2011. The band also headlined a 3-day tour in Bandung, Indonesia mid-2012 and was reciprocated by the audience with the same vibe the band put out—exuberance and triumph! This fresh band have been featured in various prestigious publications, print and online, which include: PULP, Rogue Magazine, Esquire, and Status Magazine and had been selected the BEST LIVE ACT of 2011 by The Philippine Star and of 2013 by Pinoytuner. Explosive. Ambitious. Artistically spaced-out. Honest. It is Wilderness' mission to serve a whole new level of a multi-aesthetic experience on a musical dish, best served LIVE and RAW.