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Finding Niko

Genres: Bass, Electronic, Hip-Hop

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A proud alumni of the world renowned electronic music production & DJ institute Dubspot in New York City. Zeratone started DJing when he was 15 years old and within months, placed 2nd runner up in the World DMC Championship Singapore Finals in 2005 and was awarded Best New Turntablist. He was also the youngest competitor at 16 years old and would go on to place top 3 in several local battles, including winning the Marc Ecko Turntablist Battle 2005. Fast forward to 2012. Zeratone has been making a name with mind-blowing sets in the club circuit and even on our computer screens as the man behind the Panoptkn live stream sessions. The uniqueness of that show typified Zeratone's enthusiasm for new ideas, and this is brilliantly reflected in his music too. Not many in Singapore pushed freshness on the trap, bass music & UK funky fronts as predominantly as he did. But he also wisely took turns into classic dubstep and garage, offering listeners old-school grounding while bravely paving a new-school path. Known for pushing the envelope through his forward thinking, diverse DJ sets . You can expect a mix of different sounds ranging anywhere from deep dubstep to grime, trap, juke, & more all mashed-up turntablist style.



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