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Alley Cats: Jalan Pisang Party (Arab Street/Jalan Sultan)

29 November 2015

Alley Cats: Jalan Pisang Party (Arab Street/Jalan Sultan)


MCMMCM presents Alley Cats, Party at Jalan Pisang, an event ran by the community and for the community. Residents of Jalan Pisang, The Lab SG will also be celebrating their first year anniversary and the launch of their new food/art retail space " Sinseh : The Grocery ". Local artists & art vendors: Allison M. Low Art Ong Lijie Sarah Thursday Illustrations Store SKL0 (Otherwise known as the Sticker Lady) pr3tty u6ly AlotOne Djohan Hanapi (Knuckles & Notch) Cyntherea (Former Kult Mag) UltraaViolets Rinniey. K #femmezine Jasmine Ho (Moonbeats Postergal) Leandro Crispin thisisjz Donbombibon Saifudin(Triptych Designs) Kana Heartwork (Band of Doodlers) Nidia Marissa Retail Therapy: Dirty Laundry Project Coal The Botanical Plate RILEK JACK Night Market Grey by Ortenhill FALIA by Sharifah Amalia Madoo Barbers: Cold Cuts by Nico Local Distro: Canopus Distro Straits Records Food: The Lab SG ,Think burgers and sick brews. Fresh cuppa coffee during the day to keep you up for the party after. Sinseh : The Grocery, Ice Cream, waffles, food in jars and organic goodies. They're the banana in banana splits because this dessert bar is gonna take over Jalan Pisang. -------------------------------MUSIC---------------------------------- Johnny Eyeglass 2:30PM-3.00PM Adir Kaisan & The Cosmic Owls 3.00PM-3.30PM Wan V. (Two Fingers/Straits Records) 3.30PM-4.30PM Widower's Palms 7.00PM-7.30PM Enter The Void Deck Night (#ETVD) 4.30PM-7.00PM DJ Fazid Hybreed Society Q-dot Vibologics Nico Homailli Adib Amsyar Void deck fellas Phyla Digital Night 7.30PM-10.30PM x SIXX (Visual Aid) Harv Fauxe Finding Niko

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Date & Time

29 November at 14:00–22:30


The Lab
1 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199069


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