ANADIGI Presents "White Board Music Session #2"

ANADIGI Presents "White Board Music Session #2"

10 May 2017
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Another session of White-Board Music featuring 2 singer-Songwriters, Adia Tay & Ronald Goh. 

It's happening on the 10th May 2017. 

White-Board Music" was initiated by the folks from Anadigi Sound Lab. They believe that with every piece of music performed, the audience may paint a different picture about the songs. With "White-Board Music", they hope that the audience will share their perspectives and develop a cohesive platform for artists to gain feedback on their craft - bridging the artist and audience meaningfully through songs and expression.

Adia is a singer-Songwriter influenced by Indie-folk, Blues Rock and Indie-alternative artists like Glen Hensard, Lucy Rose and John Butler. The essence of her songwriting comes from each respective artist as she sings and plays them. She started writing her first original during August 2015 at Artistry Cafe. Recently, she participated the Noise Mentorship Programme in 2016 and performed at various venues. Before that, Adia was a part of the Jazz musician and singers budding programme called "Bright Young Things" in Esplanade. 

Ronald is a funk-soul singer-songwriter. He was inspired by R&B, Jazz & Folk-pop and rhymes them melodically paired with groovy hooks. Ronald started out as a singer-songwriter during 2014 when he joined NEA Eco Music Challenge. He got into the finals and mentored under Danny Loong, founder of Timbre. Since then, he performed at various venues such as Lepark, Barbershop Timbre, The Music Parlor and Kult Kafe. His introspective lyrics written in his songs tells of a story of himself. 

They will be performing their originals, come on down and watch!