Best of Rimi Natsukawa Live in Singapore 2017

Best of Rimi Natsukawa Live in Singapore 2017

22 April 2017
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Acclaimed Japanese songbird Rimi Natsukawa 夏川里美 (りみ) is set to perform for the very first time in Singapore this April! Hailing from Okinawa, Rimi Natsukawa’s unique brand of pop-folk has garnered her the distinction of winning the Japan Gold Disk Awards, for 4 consecutive years. The youngest winner of the “Nagasaki Song Festival” at a record-breaking age of 13, her extraordinary ‘live’ vocals have been described by Japan NHK panels as “The Voice That Emerges Every 40 Years”.

Fans of Mandarin pop will definitely be familiar with Rimi Natsukawa’s massive hit songs. She is the voice behind the Original Japanese versions of 周华健Emil Chau’s “Flower Heart” 花心 (“Hana”), 蔡淳佳Joi Chua’s “Sunrise” 陪我看日出 (“Nada Sou Sou”), 梁静茹Fish Leong’s “Insomnia” 不想睡 (“Shima Uta”), 王心凌Cyndi Wang’s “Fly” 飞吧 (“Warabigami”) and more! “Nada Sou Sou” in particular, charted for an overwhelming 6 years, selling close to a million copies. Her exquisite interpretations of classics such as 邓丽君Teresa Teng’s Japanese Chart-Topping hits “Toki No Nagare Ni Mi O Makase” (“我只在乎你”), Kiroro’s “Nagai Aida” (“很爱很爱你”), and the evergreen “Moon Represents My Heart”月亮代表我的心 have all won high praises and accolades from critics and musicians alike.

Due to her unique music style, superb technique and touching pure vocals, Rimi Natsukawa has built a loyal and broad fan base within and outside Japan, with several best-selling albums over the years.

She has brought her concerts to different parts of Asia, which include Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai to sold-out crowds.

Ever the perfectionist, Rimi Natsukawa often practises local languages in different countries, surprising audience with non-Japanese language performances. In her past concerts in Asia, she has thrilled her fans with renditions of popular Mandarin songs such as “红豆” (王菲Faye Wong), dialect songs such as “家后” (江蕙Chiang Hui), and famous folk songs such as “午夜花”.

Be prepared to be mesmerized and surprised by a night of breath-taking vocals by the one and only Rimi Natsukawa. One Night Only. Not to be missed.

Each $168 Limited VIP ticket holder will be entitled to an Exclusive Meet & Greet Session with Rimi Natsukawa 夏川里美 after the concert. Please remain seated and wait for further instructions.


[Best of Rimi Natsukawa Live in Singapore 2017]
Date: 22 April 2017, Saturday
Time: 8PM
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Stars Performing Arts Centre

Ticket Prices: S$168 Limited VIP*, S$128, S$108, S$98 (Excludes SISTIC Booking Fee)
*Each S$168 Limited VIP ticket holder will be entitled to an Exclusive Meet & Greet Session with Rimi Natsukawa after the concert.

Tickets on sales from 13 January 2017 through SISTIC Website:, SISTIC Mobile app, SISTIC Hotline: (65) 6348 5555 and SISTIC Authorized Agents.