Cigarettes After Sex - Live in SG

Cigarettes After Sex - Live in SG

17 August 2017
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Secret Sounds Asia are delighted to present the dreamy ambient pop collective Cigarettes After Sex – Live in Singapore on 17 August 2017 at the Capitol Theatre.

17 AUGUST 2017
8 PM

Ticket Prices: $78 (Advance), $98 (Door)
(excluding $4 APACTix booking fee per ticket)

Tickets available from Wednesday, 7 June via APACTix
Online (10AM):
Tel: +65 3158 8588
In person: APACTix outlets listed here


Led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez, Cigarettes After Sex started out in El Paso, Texas and is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008, the group has been host to a number of different musical collaborators, working through a variety of sounds since its inception. In the spring of 2012, inspired by the Trinity Session, Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Mazzy Star & the sound of early '60s records like 'I Love You How You Love Me' by the Paris Sisters, they recorded their first proper EP, 'I.', live over the course of a single night in the stairway of a four storey building. The allure of Cigarettes After Sex has since spread like wildfire, gaining millions of views on YouTube. They are set to release their long-awaited first full studio album entitled 'Cigarettes After Sex' on 9 June 2017.