cross-over x 9m88: Live in Singapore

cross-over x 9m88: Live in Singapore

28 November 2019
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After the successful cross-over x Sam Kim: Sun And Moon Concert previously, Cross Ratio Entertainment is pleased to announce cross-over x 9m88 Live in Singapore! Tickets are on sale from 25th Sep 2019 (Wed), 12:00 PM onwards. The Taiwanese singer-songwriter will be performing with her full band on 28 Nov 2019 (Thurs) at Esplanade Annexe Studio. Doors open at 7:30 PM. Kindly note that this is a free-standing concert.

9m88 (also known as Baba), a Taiwanese singer who has risen to fame in the Taiwanese music scene came about following a successful collaboration with rapper Leo Wang of "Weekends with You" with a hit of around 7.2 million views on Youtube. Her unique, idiosyncratic style is what is most striking about her, after her voice, claiming the award of The Most Stylish Future Star from Elle Style Awards Taiwan. With her success in her unique fashion style, deep, sultry, alluring sound, more and more people are beginning to hear her work, her shows in Taiwan, Japan and New York have begun to sell out.

续今年7月的 cross-over x Sam Kim: Sun And Moon Concert 圆满结束后,Cross Ratio Entertainment很高兴宣布下一场cross-over系列: ‘cross-over x 9m88: Live in Singapore’! 这位台湾星力量创作歌手将于2019年11月28日(星期四)在Esplanade Annexe Studio与乐队一起演出。傍晚7:30开始入场。门票已在2019年9月25日(星期三)中午12:00正式发售。

9m88, 90后台北女子,新生代创作音乐人。音乐风格深受 R&B、Neo soul、Jazz、Improvisation、Hip hop, Pop影响,慵懒感性的嗓音即兴游走,兼具优雅冷静与古怪大胆的魅力,歌词创作恰如其人,甜蜜带点嘲讽,自然不造作,传达现代女性的独特思维。设计学院背景出身的她,开放多变的独到美感,从音乐跨足影像、造型,型塑出强烈的个人节奏与艺术厚度。2018 年底毕业于纽约 The New School 爵士演唱主修,师承爵士传奇低音贝斯手 Reggie Workman 与高音萨克斯風手 Jane Ira Bloom。 2016年底因与 Leo 王合唱的一曲─〈陪妳过假日〉开始让听众知道她。接连陆续与各界音乐人展开合作,包括蛋堡、吴青峰、马念先、LEO37+ SOSS、北京制作人 Fishdoll、YouTuber 异乡人、华语R&B 新星 ØZI等等。 2017 年底与2manysound 发行的《九头身日奈》中翻唱了 City Pop 经典曲〈Plastic Love〉后,开始获得更多国际上的关注。 2019 年八月,9m88以独立之姿,推出酝酿多时的首张创作专辑《平庸之上Beyond Mediocrity》,与多位国际活跃音乐人合作,曲风多元线条自由具现代感,是一张充斥个人独特美学,并具国际视野的潜力之作。