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Earthbound: An Experimental Music Showcase

17 April 2014

Earthbound: An Experimental Music Showcase


Horatio Pollard Armed with a plethora of (mal)functioning and obsolete electronics, he delivers a nauseating yet ecstatic avalanche of disemboweling disco-hits filled with foul slap bass, vaginal harmonicas and soporifically iconoclastic grooves. HOLGER HILLER meets BRAINBOMBS meets MOHA! - like the caustic fury of a cosmic flatulence suspended in the dead space of an erotic, Kubrickian sci-fi nightmare. dharma Previous bands include Heritage, Throb and Meddle. Currently guitarist with The Observatory and has been a member since 2002. Also is one half of Chöd, a drone – noise outfit with Shaun San (Mind Fucking Boy, Dream State Vision). Released his debut solo album last year (2013) ‘Intergranular Space’ and has been actively involved in the Singapore improv scene for some time now.

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Date & Time

17 April at 20:30–23:30


17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149