Ikhlas Moon Tour - Fauxe (live)

Ikhlas Moon Tour - Fauxe (live)

4 August 2018
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As one journey begins to wane, another begins to wax. In the conclusive leg of his Asian tour set on the launch of his latest album, Ikhlas, Fauxe takes to The Moon, where we commence our journey with you to faraway worlds. Come to The Moon and groove to the tunes of opening act, Reddi Rocket, who has played alongside the likes of Yellowclaw before Fauxe captains our journey through Ikhlas; an album that takes the city dweller back to Kampung through Gaut, Kapak, Ondeh-Ondeh, amongst many other tracks. 

Portals open at 9pm on Aug 4. Pre-sale tickets are now available for $8 at https://ikhlasmoontour.peatix.com/ ($10 at the door).

About Ikhlas: 
Born of eight months spent in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur, Ikhlas is a collection of 16 concise, energetic tracks that samples a range of Malaysian music in various languages (Malay, Tamil, Hokkien) and across time periods with love, care, and just a touch of irreverence. It’s an album that hits home for listeners from Singapore and Malaysia—two nations that used to be one until separation in 1965. FAUXE uses Ikhlas to tell a more linear story of someone leaving their village (the kampung) for the big city, but also draws out modern grooves from old songs and asks us to see the sophistication in what we might have dismissed as rustic.

Listen to Ikhlas at - 

About Fauxe:
Having spent the last 6 years of his life dedicating to his craft, Fauxe continuously strives to push the boundaries of his own musical endeavours. Pushing the format of “Freeform” music, his ideas stream from genres to feelings to colors and sounds. You will never know what to expect from him.


About Reddi Rocket:
Jimmy Azli is the well-known Reddi Rocket of AKHYLA. 
With his balanced hooks and stellar beat producing techniques, Jimmy’s music appeals to an audience that can appreciate his wide-ranging talents to produce vibrantly and deliver a dynamic performance on stage. 


About The Moon:
The Moon is a nest of solace for those lost in the literary (whether by choice or otherwise), a haven for all sorts of whacky and whimsy, and a tavern to revitalise the mind, body and soul.

We sell books, we have a cafe, and we cater to events of the whimsical sort.

The Moon you know could be any of these: an abode for celestial beings, a measure of time, a symbol of hope, or the turnings of the tide. 

Step through its doors and find yourself bemused, amused, or just in wonder at wherever you choose to get lost into. And while you're at it, sip on tea or have some cake. Just bask in being some place at the same place. Welcome to the Moon.