Isms and Schisms (20 & 21 August)

Isms and Schisms (20 & 21 August)

20 August 2016 – 21 August 2016
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The Substation & Ujikaji Records Present

Venue: Armenian Street Main Stage
Free Admission

Chalk and cheese. Apples and oranges. Sun and moon.
The more we get together, the more different we realise we actually are.
Each night, for four nights, The Substation and Ujikaji bring you back-to-back pairs of contrasting music acts. Some of their names may be unfamiliar, but each one brings a unique voice to our independent music scene.

These performances are presented as part of Singapore Night Festival 2016. For more information on Night Fest events, visit

20 Aug
12.00am Laek1yo
1.00am the Psalms

21 Aug
12.00am LC93
1.00am Leslie Low

27 Aug
12.00am Bani Haykal + Dharma + George Chua + Kok Siew Wai + Yandsen Yong
1.00am Inuka

28 Aug
12.00am Specific Islander
1.00am Beelzebud

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