Isnina: Album Launch

Isnina: Album Launch

14 April 2018
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Ever since her nomination at the prestigious Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017 last October, Isnina has moved on to working on self-development and finding her music identity through a reflection of her past. 'ISNINA', will be her first full-fledged album, consisting of a total of 8 tracks. As a bilingual artist, ISNINA will showcase a mix of Malay language and English language songs – drawing from the two cultures of which she grew up to embrace and love. While the Malay language songs are an expression of her life stories as she writes in honesty and of self-identity, the English language songs reflect the imagined reality that constructed in her mind as a result of the experiences in her life.

The album will also feature various creative collaborations - from Singapore rapper Akeem Jahat to established fashion photographer Joel Lim - Isnina steps out of her comfort zone to explore creative expressions beyond what she is familiar with to push herself forward in her journey as a singer-songwriter.

ISNINA will be available for pre-order during the showcase itself. 'Chances', Isnina's latest English single which will also be featured on the album, is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

ISNINA is supported by both National Arts Council Singapore and Greendoor Studios