Jia Pah Lang live at the Esplanade Concourse

Jia Pah Lang live at the Esplanade Concourse

28 May 2017
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Collaborating for the first time, Jia Pah Lang assembles four accomplished musicians—Jordan Wei (keyboard), Phoebee (vocals), Ivan Yeo (percussion), and Benjamin Hum (vocals)—in a lovely acoustic mix.

Q&A session with Jia Pah Lang

What can the audience expect from your performance?
Do you remember tuning in to the 7pm and 9pm drama series on Channel 8, and singing along to the theme songs? Join Jia Pah Lang for an afternoon of made-in-Singapore tunes, as Jia gives a throwback to the best moments from shows like 豆腐街 (Tofu Street), 咖啡乌 (Kopi-O), and more!

What was your favourite song growing up?
Jordan: Don't have any. But if I were to choose, then any Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson tune.
Phoebee: Any songs from Roxette, my favourite band of all time. 
Ivan: Jacky Cheung’s “吻别”
Ben: Any songs by JJ Lin, my all-time favourite!

What are your favourite songs from the ’80s/’90s?
Jordan: Man in the mirror, Superstition, Sir Duke, etc.
Phoebee: 梦醒时分 (Meng Xing Shi Fen) by 陈淑桦 (Sarah Chen), Heaven Knows by Rick Price
Ivan: Turn Back Time by Aqua, Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams
Ben: 月亮惹的禍 (Yue Liang Re De Huo) by Zhang Yu and I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys