Kaizen X Sound Lab

Kaizen X Sound Lab

24 March 2017 – 25 March 2017
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About Kaizen X Sound Lab

Kaizen X Sound Lab is a collective work that brings four musicians from different background and genre together to experiment and explore the capability of various instruments.  It is a one-year residency programme for the four musicians aged between 24 to 32, to process their creation.  Each talented musician plays conventional instruments such as the gamelan, guitar, Sundanese kecapi, percussion and synthesizers.  The aim of these four musicians is to tell their stories by creating a space for their creative impulses through the blending of these instruments that are traditionally not played together.

Their Mission...

Four Musicians, One Mission - TO CREATE

Their Story...

Human beings are diurnal and cyclical creatures with a desire and need for routine. Unwilling to bend from the orthodox or stray from the conventional to dance to a groove created all on our own, the rhythm we live with flatlines. We've asked if there were individual experiences that we could glean from a 24-hour workday that has been continuously broken into systematic periods. In a city where all lives look the same with segments of commute, work, lunch rush and dinner with family and friends to gently assuage our search for connection, are there unique rhythms that pulse? We will tell the story with a rhythm we've made through living the experiences of the workaday man.


Kaizen X Sound Lab

24 & 25 Mar 2017 | 2000hrs | Centre 42 Black Box


Alif Syazwan, Ridwan Ramli, Rosemainy, Syafiq Halid