Lunar New Year 2017 Concert 八大巨星齐贺年

Lunar New Year 2017 Concert 八大巨星齐贺年

4 February 2017
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Lunar New Year 2017 concert 八大巨星齐贺年 brings together Taiwanese popular singers namely Zhang Di张帝, Long Piao Piao龙飘飘, Yu Ying Ying于樱樱, Wu Xiu Zhu吴秀珠, Li Qian Hui 李芊慧 and Malaysian renowned singers Yao Yi 姚乙, Zhuang Xue Zhong庄学忠 and Huang Xiao Feng黄晓凤 as they belt out their hit songs and take you down memory lane.

Zhang Di gained the title of quick witted King of song 急智歌王because of his knack for putting spontaneous thoughts into a song composed on the spot.

Long Piao Piao released her debut album花飘飘水飘飘 in 1977. She gained her popularity and the title of 贺岁天后for the release of more than hundred albums during the Lunar New Year festive periods. One of her albums 等你回航sold over a million copies in China.

Yu Ying Ying started her singing career at the age of 18. She gained the title of 梨花歌后 for her rendition of the TV drama theme song梨花泪. She had released more than 30 albums with hit songs such as 一缕相思情, 爱在夕阳下, 飘香梦and more.

Wu Xiu Zhu, singer-actress, known to many as 小野猫, started her singing career back in 1972. She had released over 40 albums with hit songs such as 一轮明月照花香, 飞跃在我心, 桑园, 爱有明天, 海鸥飞处 and many more.

Li Qian Hui, started her singing career back in 1974. She had released more than 20 albums and is best known to many as 娃娃歌后for her sweet and unique vocal.

Yao Yi started singing at the age of 19 after being discovered by his manager back then. His debut album 怀念巨星之歌 sold more than one hundred thousand copies and gaining him the title of 神奇歌王 in many countries.

Zhuang Xue Zhong, won the title 冠军歌王 for winning as the champion in over 70 singing competition. He had released more than 50 albums to his credit and he is one of the most sought after male singer in Malaysia.

Huang Xiao Feng had released more than 10 albums in Malaysia and is well-liked by many audiences for her unique singing style.

Circle the date in your calendar and get ready to celebrate the 2017 Lunar New Year with these singers.