23 February 2018
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Come chill at the Great Escape…
For an evening of live electronic world music, poetry and sacred mystical bellydance.

Planetary Brothers (featuring Stew Bamrah) with bellydancer Nashwa
Randolf Arriola

Jean Reiki

Nupur Saraswat

Myles Ziebart (UTB)

and more...

Time: 8pm ~ 1am
Entry Fee: $15 before 10pm / $20 after 10pm. Entry comes with one free drink.

The Great Escape rooftop carpark
6001 Beach road, Golden Mile Tower, #05-00

About Maamawi

"Maamawi" is a North American Native word that means "together.”

This event is about bringing artists together to collaborate, and bringing people together to celebrate.

We are a collective of like-minded international and Singaporean musicians, DJs, dancers and visual artists, producing engaging events. Centering around world and ethnic, or fusions of world or ethnic, music, dance and visual arts, we collaborate to tell stories through the music, dance and visual images.

About the Artists

Planetary Brothers (featuring Stew Bamrah)
Planetary Brothers is an American/Canadian psychedelic oriental ambient rock band, which formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2012. Drummer and co-founding producer Grant Bosnick hails from Toronto, Canada, while co-founding producer Dale Hug is from Green Bay and living in Japan for the last 20 years. The band quickly gained a reputation for their music and visually stunning live shows, establishing themselves at such outdoor music festivals in Japan as Re:birth, Natural Smile and a bi-monthly event in Tokyo called Planet Drum. And is now establishing themselves in Singapore.

Their music has been described as a “dark tribal intergalactic sound journey” – combining synchopated polyrhythms, tribal beats, funky grooves and The Art of Drum Zen with psychedelic ambient soundscapes and oriental melodies. The sound is characterized by a creative exuberance of the mind that envokes changes in perception, synesthesia, altered states of awareness, trance or hypnotic states, mystical awareness, and other mind alterations that lead to feelings of revelation & enlightenment.

A new addition to Planetary Brothers is Stew Bamrah, a Didjeridoo and Guitar player who creates soundscapes that blend in seamlessly with the music. Stew believes that a performance should be a journey, taking the listener on a globe-trotting, time-travelling expedition full of twists, turns and experiments.

Randolf Arriola
Internationally acclaimed Singapore musician Randolf Arriola is a live looping master with over 30 years of professional experience in performance, recording, production and broadcast. His unique music-making concept of live looping relies on his creation and processing of audio loops of his voice and guitar.

Arriola’s music is the sonic amalgamation of moods, textures and harmonies that embrace and expand beyond cultures and geographical space. Sounds and songs are dreamed up, formed and performed from strings of thoughts, intentions and imagination, woven into a sonic fabric unique to that very moment.

Randolf is also the producer and organizer of "Live Loop Asia" Music Festival.

Jean Reiki
A Sound Curator, DJ and Producer, Jean Reiki was a vinyl-collector who stumbled upon Hard Hops and Nu-Skool Breaks at the tail-end of the 90s. Her style of DJing gradually developed, resulting in a wide gamut of musical genres in her sets. 

Always exploring new terrain, she has collaborated with ethnic instrumentalists and recently formed a live act with Stew Bamrah (Sideshow) under the name Omakase. In other showcases, her sets have given the audiences a glimpse of how she uses STEMS and Native Instruments Traktor controllers to create seamless transition between original productions to remixes. Under the alias MIND OF THE COSMOS, her work is released through the Elevate label by Indigoism and has appeared in a VR installation at the recent Archifest. Merging Pendulumic Headphones, SubPac Technologies and MainStage Module, she has staged Binaural X-perience and Sound Art performances in Stockholm and Berlin which explore audio entrainment in healthcare and therapy applications.

Nashwa means bliss in Arabic. Originally from Tokyo Japan, Nashwa took her first belly dance lesson at age 19. Since then, she has been fascinated by this mystical art of belly dancing.

As a member of a professional oriental dance ensemble in Tokyo, she was lucky to have rich performance experiences such as Fujirock festival (2008 and 2012), Tokyo Girls Collection (2008 and 2012), front act for international artists: Ahmet Lulet (Turkey), Ansuya (U.S.A), Collena Shakti (India), Farasha (U.S.A), Meera (U.S.A), etc… and Tokyo party scene since 2007.

Nashwa has a reputation for her mystical fusion dance style and therapeutic movement. Her work has been recognized in Singapore since she moved in 2016 and was featured on Channel News Asia in 2017.

Nupur Saraswat
Nupur is a spoken word artist, originally from India, who grew up in Singapore. She writes and speaks of her experiences, and has delivered TED Talks.