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Miao Ru & Fatt

16 November 2015 – 1 December 2015

Miao Ru & Fatt


The dynamic duo transits between Pop Jazz, Bossa and high energy Pop Hits effortlessly, and is also recognised for their bilingual repertoire for live performances. Miaoru is a young, independent singer-songwriter who has garnered some of the industry's most influential personalities' affirmations as a promising album-artist. Beneath her sweet and petite deposition lies a set of powerhouse vocals which has earned her much recognition both on local and international stages. Fatt is no stranger to the music scene.

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

16 November – 1 December
16 November at 21:30 to 1 December at 00:30


Hood Bar & Café
Singapore Bugis+ (formerly Iluma), 201 Victoria St, #05-07, S188067

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