My Songs 2 那些年的歌 2

My Songs 2 那些年的歌 2

12 November 2016
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My Songs 2 那些年的歌 2 brings together these popular Taiwanese singers Nan Fang Duo 南方二重唱, Zeng Shu Qin 曾淑勤, Wen Zhang 文章and Yin Zheng Yang 殷正洋as they belt out their hit songs to entertain the audiences in an exciting night concert at the Resorts World Theatre, Sentosa.

Nan Fang Duo released their debut album细说往事in 1991 and won Best Vocal group at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Some of their hits songs includes 相知相守, 太阳出来了, 不告而别, 风吹风吹, 有些话不能说and more.

Zeng Shu Qin, singer-songwriter, known for her signature song 鲁冰花 which won the Best Movie song at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. She had released more than 15 albums with hit songs such as 客途秋恨, 爱情外的路人, 一个人游游荡荡, 不再等待天堂, 茉莉花的日子and more.

Wen Zhang, Indonesia-born Chinese singer, broke into the music scene in 1984 with his hit single三百六十五里路. He is widely recognized for his powerful vocal and his unique stage presence with hit songs such as望天, 古月照今尘, 故乡的云, 情商, 原谅我的心and more. He had won Best Male Singer in the Taiwan Golden Bell Award and Taiwan Golden Melody Award.

Yin Zheng Yan, singer-songwriter, best known as the King of Taiwan Pop《三金歌王》as he had won Best Male Singer in the Taiwan Golden Tripod Awards 金鼎奖, Taiwan Golden Bell Awards 金钟奖and Taiwan Golden Melody Awards金曲奖. He had released more than 20 albums with hit songs such as 雨中的歉意, 街灯, 世界的钟, 天空蓝蓝的, 等一个人 and more.

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