Ninth Rock Festival

Ninth Rock Festival

10 March 2018
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A vastly diverse rock concert that you cannot miss in Singapore in 2018.The NINTH Rock Festival is initiated by friends sharing a same passion in rock music. Terrestrea, Sine, Overachievers, One Knight Stand, Ginza Rats, Chilling Flames and NINTH SPECIAL, 7 veteran bands of diverse rock genres from all over Singapore are invited to create this musical experience, unified in the theme of rock and roll. There will be some easy-to-the-ear indie, funk and alternative rock, some emo, metal and hard rock, and some heavily instrumental post-hardcore and post-rock as well. This is a 4-hour-long non-stop underground livehouse session with the aim of sharing great music and engaging live performance. All musicians and music-lovers are welcome to join and mingle while enjoying the cool bear and great live performances by the bands.


Artist details (since all of our bands are independent and absent from your database):

Chilling Flames


The initial start of the band traces back to three years ago, and after several changes of band members, what appears in front of you now is the complete form of Chilling Flames.

The most high-pitched voice, most gorgeous guitar solo and most exciting drum beat. Yes, we are going to burn the stage right now!


The NTU Hall 12 jam band, The Overachievers was formed 2 years ago. Initially just freshmen trying their hand at this “rock band” nonsense, we eventually grew to realize we loved this small space we carved out for ourselves.

Although we are all juggling many commitments, we will never give up our love for music and thats why we are the Overachievers.

Ginza Rats

Ginza Rats is relatively new, made up of friends who share a passion in music in NUS. Most of them already have extensive performance experience prior to joining the band, and this new brand has become their outlet for creative expression. The band is heavily instrumental and leaning towards post-rock/math-rock, and provides a refreshing musical experience to the listeners.

NINTH Special

We are a band composed of students from different universities (NUS, NTU, SIM). It is a little bit hard to define our music genre, so we just call it: “brit-pop-emo”.

The band was founded shortly afterwards. However, we already have a certain amount of original songs accumulated, some of them even won prizes in music competitions.

Music is our aeroplane, it not only gives us happiness but also keeps our souls rising.

One Knight Stand

Finding like-minded musicians and friends in the most unlikely of places, NTU Hall 16’s Jam Band derives much joy from experimenting with genres and trying out funky new ideas. Playing for as many school gigs as they can possibly get their hands on, they enjoy making music on stage and scouring YouTube off stage.


Sine is a 3-piece rock band consisting of CJ, Eugene and Avery. Drawing influence from bands like toe, tricot and Chon, Sine's music can be described as a blend of math rock, alternative rock and post-punk.

Formed in 2015, Sine was birthed as an artistic outlet for their members to delve into the deep subgenres of rock. A year later, they released a 3-track demo and have started working towards establishing a core identity in the local scene.

In 2017, Sine was accepted into the Singapore Noise Music Mentorship, under the guidance of Martin Kong from Caracal. Leveraging from the invaluable advice and development as a band, Sine has begun working on their debut EP, scheduled to be released in April 2018.


Terrestrea is made up of five friends from sunny Singapore for whom music has nurtured as much as it has corrupted. Their musical style is a cross between melodic metal and post-hardcore.