Punk Rock Night

Punk Rock Night

12 July 2017
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A Weeknight Musical Extravaganza
with special guests James and the Van Der Beeks (Vietnam)

12th July 2017 @ The Analog Factory SCAPE

There's something to be said about weeknight/schoolnight gigs.
The kind where you have to lie to your parents about where you're going, cos they'd never allow you if they knew where you were actually headed. So you have to concoct some bullshit story about staying late in school to finish a project, and then stay over at your friend's place after cos it'll be too late to catch a bus/train home. 

Or the kind where you have to lie to your boss about taking off (haha) early from work cos you've got an important familial commitment that you need to get ready for. And if he/she's not a total asshole, they'd probably be nice enough to recognize the work/overtime you've been pulling and they'd let you go a few hours ahead of 5/6/7pm (or whatever time it is that you get off work). 

And once the plan has been hatched and the scheme laid in place, the most important thing is to tell all interested parties to stick to the story and keep it consistent. Cos any loose-ends, and anyone flubbing to your parents/your boss about where you're REALLY going, and yeah. Don't say we didn't warn you :)

But if everything goes according to plan, and it will (trust us), you'll probably experience an innermost joy, however fleeting, a widening grin you can't quite suppress and blood thumping in your head, anticipating the night ahead of you.


We'll be hosting our good friends James and the Van Der Beeks, who'll be playing a one-night-only show in Singapore, en route along their tour of Southeast Asia.

Along with the 'Beeks progressive punk/post-hardcore sound, we'll be bringing you the sweet, saccharine, catchy tunes of Circle Line Kid, the punk rock powerhouse harmonies of Iman's League, the ethereal other-worldly grooviness of Hardihood and the crap-tastic "what kind of bollocks is this?" sounds of yours truly, Take-Off. 

Come and party with us on Wednesday evening (beats a boring sausage fest at a ladies night club, for sure) at The Analog Factory SCAPE, make up all the stories and excuses you need to, and WE'LL SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

7pm - 11pm 

$10 at the door 

Houston, there will be MERCH!!!

James and the Van Der Beeks

Iman's League

Circle Line Kid



See you on the 12th of July - it's gonna be a PUNK ROCK NIGHT!