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Syndicate Ft. Teebs

6 June 2014

Syndicate Ft. Teebs


Come 6 June 2014, Syndicate returns to醉红楼 (Zui Hong Lou), this time to host the art & sound of Teebs, hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California. Fresh from the release of his latest album, E S T A R A, Teebs is stopping by Singapore for a one-night only live set and will also be exhibiting Ante Vos, his collection of paintings & drawings. Born as Mtendere Mandowa in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins, Teebs is a music producer and painter. Being a key member of the Brainfeeder clan, Teebs has surged to the top of the so-called “beat scene” in recent years. Though his affiliation with Flying Lotus certainly has something to do with his ascent, it’s ultimately his music – a billowing brand of beautifully offi-kilter, hip-hop-coloured beat construction - that has set Teebs apart from what has become an increasingly crowded field of like-minded producers. With his art, Teebs’ paintings are similar to his music production; collaging & illustrating images to create meditative & minimalist soundscapes on canvas. In Ante Vos, the artist will showcase a collection of remarqued record sleeve paintings & drawings. Teebs acquired these sleeves from found, donated and a-dollar binned records and he used them as canvasses to present a space where one could open the dialog about the value in progression from the creation of the original record to the works left by the artist. This Teebs debut in Singapore will be supported by Fauxe & Gindara together with Syndicate residents, Intriguant, Kiat & Vanessa. Another round of Beat Invitational showcase is set to take place to unearth more musical nuggets and gems. Covering a wide spectrum of sounds, the showcase will feature M X N D//K R F T, IM, Ryan Pittam, Gerald Ang and Darren Dubwise.

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

6 June at 21:00–02:00
6 June at 21:00 to 7 June at 02:00


Zui Hong Lou
8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789


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