The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #48

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #48

17 January 2017
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"We record a bit of ourselves in every song that is written as an observation or musing of the times. The songs themselves are an entry in the musical diary of our young country."

"The Diarists" are a collective formed in 2012 to curate spaces for musicians in Singapore to perform with an emphasis on creating environments suitable for musical appreciation.

The Diarist Sessions Open Mic #48 – 17 January 2017


Sulaiman Azim

A closet singer-songwriter, only starting to play in open mics in late 2015. I usually play stripped down, acoustic versions of pop and indie songs, as well as some of my original music. Behind most of the songs I've written are experiences I'd want to immortalise, getting inspiration from different artistes that I love. A huge fan of John Mayer, acoustic sets from The 1975 as well as singing in the bathroom when nobody's at home.



Hobo by profession, singer/ songwriter by passion. Great with acoustic covers of rock/ folk/ pop songs, along with a handful of originals. Most of his writing has draws inspiration from real life experiences.

He spent a year in Edinburgh, busking on cobbled streets and playing the bar circuits. Back home, he has played at Ben n' Jerry's, the Prince of Wales, and various private functions.


Jonathan Meur

Jonathan Meur is a Singapore-based French-Mauritian singer-songwriter-arranger addicted to the creative process. To date, he has released two collections of songs: 2013’s Woodnotes EP and 2015’s How to Build a Kite album. Jonathan performs regularly in Singapore and has been featured at the Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore Writers Festival and Singapore Night Festival.


These Static Lights

Guitar based soundscapes influenced by the likes of radiohead, Sigur Ros, tortoise, Mogwai, fagazi - just a guy who loves to make music for those who love to listen.


Teashhur Dekan

Teashhur is a Female Singer Songwriter.
Originally from Australia, she has travelled extensively, has lived in various countries, and now currently resides in Singapore.
Teashhur has played piano since childhood, and spent time in London attending vocal training, but it was only after a very traumatic period in her life that she was moved to start writing songs... "The depth of my emotional experiences started the songwriting journey. I started writing songs to say the things I couldn't verbalize. I needed to make the surreal, real. This journey has not been easy, but I would change nothing, because now I know who I am".

Her debut EP 'Dreams' was released in 2016. This EP certainly has a melancholy feel to it, and one can sense the depth of loss from the melodies, lyrics, and the emotional delivery, but there is also hope and healing, particularly in Dreams which talks about new beginnings.



Just another ordinary person who hopes for her music to reach other ordinary people.



Tassel is a duo of two like-minded musicians.


Hosted by Marcel Lee Pereira

Musician, newsman, father. Marcel Lee Pereira is a multi-faceted singer-songwriter from Singapore. A journalist by training, and a musician by passion, Marcel marries his love for words and melodies in his songs. He has moved listeners to tears with his tales about home, growing up and fatherhood.


About The Music Parlour

The Music Parlour is a downtown hideout for musicians to immerse in their craft through jamming, recording and gigs. There is also a cosy lounge filled with acoustic instruments and a bookshelf littered with vinyl records and all things musical for hangouts.

The three jamming studios can all be combined into one bigger studio which provides flexibility for various types of recording and events. The venue is a great place to check out local established and upcoming acts through the many intimate concerts held in-house, with International acts also making their occasional appearances.

Passion for music is what fuels the team to keep pushing on and providing the best experience possible everyday. You could call this place a home for music lovers. Step right in and embrace the good vibes!


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