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Tricot Live In Singapore

14 March 2014

Tricot Live In Singapore


tricot is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in Kyoto in Sep 1, 2010. The band consists of 3 female founding members, Ikkyu Nakajima (vocals / guitar), Motoko “Motifour” Kida (guitar / backing vocals), and Hiromi “hirohiro” Sagane (bass / backing vocals). Right after the current male drummer Kazutaka Komaki joined in May 2011. The band develops a very unique world with perfectly mixed elements of pure, fragile but strong vocals and unpredictable song transition. The band’s experimental music primarily consists of melodic post-rock-inspired sounds and complex rhythm reminiscent of math rock (although the members are not conscious of the music genre such as post-rock or math-rock. They may not even know the word of “math rock”). Their live performance is far more vibrant and intense than you could expect from their appearances and is highly praised by fans and media alike. In 2012 and 2013, they performed at most major festivals in Japan such as Arabaki Rock Fest, Fuji Rock Festival, Rock In Japan and Rising Sun Rock.

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Date & Time

14 March at 20:00–22:30


Home Club
20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk B1-01/06 , Singapore 058416


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