Young Virtuoso Series Presents: Piano Extravaganza 2019

Young Virtuoso Series Presents: Piano Extravaganza 2019

22 June 2019
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YOUNG VIRTUOSO SERIES PRESENTS: PIANO EXTRAVAGANZA 2019 – A Celebration of Inclusivity and Diversity

Piano Extravaganza 2019 is a concert celebrating young Singaporean pianists. Held in conjunction with the Bicentennial of the founding of modern Singapore, it is also the largest scale of Young Virtuoso Recital Series, which had its inception in 2005 as part of the Singapore International Piano Festival.

In line with the principles of inclusivity, the line-up of pianists includes musicians at different stages of their careers: Clarence Lee, Gabriel Hoe, Song Ziliang and Azariah Tan, who has been diagnosed with congenital bilateral sensorineural hearing loss – a condition that has left him with only about 15 percent of his hearing. Azariah’s peers in this concert has employed modified methods to rehearse with him to ensure communication between all musicians, leading to wonderful moments in music making.

The programming for the current edition is similarly underpinned by the principles of diversity and inclusivity. The repertoire spans the Western Classical canon to piano music of the East, and music close to the hearts of Singaporeans, including Rasa Sayang, Xiao Bai Chuan, Bunga Sayang and Home. Join us for an enchanting evening of piano music!