Subsonic Eye  are heading back to the live stage.

Ahead of their first US tour this June, the Singaporean indie band are holding a live fundraiser concert, Subsonic Eye and Friends,
this 13 May 2022  at Gateway Theatre. Presented by Bandwagon Live, the 'Cosmic Realignment' act will be joined by fellow local acts Sobs and Cosmic Child.

Since their formation in 2017, Subsonic Eye has grown to be one of Singapore's most prolific indie bands. Comprising Daniel (guitar), Wahidah (vocals), Spencer (bass), Lucas (drums) and Jared (guitar), the noise rock act create music that radiates a sense of warmth and serenity, contrasting their vivid stories of ecological grief and adolescent anger.

More recently, the band released their first Malay EP Dijangka / Matahari which explores the romantic relationship between Daniel and Wahidah, marking the first step of Subsonic Eye's new creatively organic approach to music-making. The EP follows their recent album Nature of Things that they describe as a conceptual 9-track journey of coming to terms with your place on earth.

Subsonic Eye also recently made history as the first Southeast Asian act to be featured on Live at Home by KEXP, the acclaimed Seattle-based indie rock radio station.

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