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LISTEN: The Trees And The Wild teases new album with single, 'Zaman, Zaman'

LISTEN: The Trees And The Wild teases new album with single, 'Zaman, Zaman'

The Trees And The Wild are planning something big for September. Their long-awaited second album will be released on 16 September 2016, according t... Read more »
On The Record: The Albums That Shaped The Maine

On The Record: The Albums That Shaped The Maine

They've come down to charm our socks off just two years ago, but American alternative-pop/rock group The Maine are back once again with their fifth... Read more »

She Needed Me: Attending a Boyzone Concert With My Mom

“Do you know this song?” my mother asked me, smugly, midway through the concert.  Then she resumed to singing the entire song, and most of the... Read more »

Remembering Boyzone in 7 Videos

Looks like boybands will never die. With Backstreet Boys already on the way to Singapore next month, Midas Promotion will up the nostalgia fact... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Jaime Wong

Jaime Wong describes herself as someone who “writes and sings about life, death and love (or the lack of it)” which seems a bit morbid at first... Read more »

Electronic Artists Changing The Game in Live Music

Equal bits electronic soul and electronic pop, the project of Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal, Rhye, debuted their record ‘Woman’ in 2013, it piqu... Read more »

Spotify Announces Integration into PlayStation

Soundtrack that mountainous assassination mission with Death Grips or perhaps go stealth in-game and jumping off Parisian roofs to some Miles D... Read more »

Remember Dakota (And Here's Your Invite To The Block Party)

In 2014, it was announced that the Dakota Crescent flats - one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates - were due for redevelopment in 2016,... Read more »

Defining Sound & Frontiers with Sphaeras

The conversation begins to dwindle just as our drinks deplete, and we call for another round of refreshments on the balmy afternoon. The coffee s... Read more »

Southeast Asian Film Festival 2015 Returns For Fifth Season

Returning for the fifth year, the Southeast Asian Film Festival (SEAFF) is back with a selection of the most riveting films from around the regio... Read more »