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Chew Wei Li

No Beats Please: 5 Stylish Headphones That Don't Suck

We've been seeing more fancy-looking designer headphones in the market these days, and these pricey headphones have slowly turned into an accessory... Read more »

Here's What You Can Expect at the Unofficial Official SG50 Party

You could ask any Singaporean – even those who aren't fond of alcohol – about some of our greatest national prides. Chances are they'd mention Tige... Read more »

100+50: Here Are The First 100 Acts On The Line-up

It's pretty much the most massive lineup we've seen around here, and we've all been awaiting it from the edge of our seats. The 100 Bands Festiv... Read more »

Indomitable Crescendos: sleepmakeswaves Live Video Premiere

We're still reeling over that cathartic April night at TAB with the powerful, wondrous sounds of sleepmakeswaves washing over us. The heavy post-ro... Read more »

Kimbra to Return to Singapore for Headline Show

The multi-genre recording artist has blessed our Singapore shores before at Laneway Festival 2013, and we've caught her another time (by bus, no le... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Town Portal

  Just about a month and a half ago, progressive metal/math-rock act Town Portal birthed their sophomore masterpiece The Occident to the world, ... Read more »

Gear Up for MTV's Festival Season (At Home)

We've all experienced the struggle. There has been a ballooning number of music festivals happening around the world with far-out lineups, but many... Read more »

I Don't Know About My Dreams: The Analog Girl Exclusive Video Premiere

Fans of the sonically-stimulating world of The Analog Girl have been waiting quite awhile for any new releases from her, and it seems (we hope) we ... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: YLLIS

  We've heard of and seen it many times: the frontman of an established, well-loved band creating a new solo project; an outlet for all that ins... Read more »

10 Songs We'd Love to Hear Muse Play in Singapore

      So you might've heard of a tiny little event happening this September. No big deal or anything, just a certain British trio named Mu... Read more »