Here are the winners of the 32nd Awit Awards

Here are the winners of the 32nd Awit Awards

It's a wrap for the 2019 Awit Awards!

Thursday (10/10) was a star-studded night at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City, where the biggest acts in Filipino music showed up for the 32nd Awit Awards. The evening even saw live performances by Juan Karlos, IV Of Spades, Ice Seguerra, This Band, TNT Boys, Autotelic, Unique, Janine Teñoso, Elmo Magalona, Jayda, Iñigo Pascual, Moira Dela Torre, and Gary Valenciano.

'Tagpuan' singer Moira Dela Torre came at the top, winning six awards out of her eight nominations, while Sarah Geronimo, Janine Teñoso, and Juan Karlos tie with two awards each, and Bullet Dumas winning Best World Music Recording.

Here are the winners this year's edition of the Awit Awards:


Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist
'Right Now’ by Isabela Vinzon
'Hanggang Dito Na Lang’ by Jaya
WINNER: 'Isa Pang Araw’ by Sarah Geronimo
''Di Na Muli’ by Janine Teñoso
‘Akala’ by Marion Aunor
‘Caught U’ by Kiana Valenciano

Best Performance by a Male Recording Artist
WINNER: ‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos
‘Poison’ by Darren Espanto
‘Ililigtas Ka Niya’ by Gary Valenciano
‘Right There’ by James Reid
‘Ako Na Lang Sana’ by Mark Carpio

Best Collaboration
‘For The World’ by Mikee Misalucha and Joe Ramos
‘Pagbigyang Muli’ by Erik Santos and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
‘Langit Lupa’ by Moira Dela Torre feat. Iñigo Pascual
‘Down For Me’ by Julie Anne San Jose feat. Fern.
WINNER: ‘Knots’ by Moira Dela Torre and Nieman
‘Blue’ by Blue Jean Junkies and Julz Savard

Best Performance by a Group Recording Artists
‘Ubasan’ by StickFiggas
‘Ibang Araw Nalang’ by CRIB
‘So Good’ by BRWN
‘Sitsiritsit’ by TNT Boys
WINNER: ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ by This Band

Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist
‘Completely In Love’ by Leila Alcasid
WINNER: ‘Happy For You’ by Jayda
‘Love Is Easy’ by Maris Racal
‘Nag-iisa’ by Shanne Dandan
‘Coffee’ by Elise Huang

Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist
WINNER: ‘Tuldok’ by Chan Millanes
‘Walls’ by Juan Miguel Severo
‘Maikee's Letters’ by Just Hush
‘Sino’ by Unique
‘Para Sa Akin’ by Ethan Loukas

Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artists
WINNER: ‘So Good’ by BRWN
'Pagkagising Ko’ by Quacid
‘Sitsiritsit’ by TNT Boys
‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ by This Band
‘HNNP’ by Bopek


Album of the Year
Takipsilim - Autotelic
WINNER: Malaya - Moira Dela Torre
Breakthrough - Julie Anne San Jose
Grandma - Unique
Alon - Hale

Song of the Year
‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos
‘Takipsilim’ by Autotelic
‘So Good’ by BRWN
WINNER: ‘Tagpuan’ by Moira Dela Torre
‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ by This Band
‘Mundo’ by IV Of Spades

Record of the Year
‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos
'Tagpuan’ by Moira Dela Torre
‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’ by This Band
WINNER: ‘Ang Awit Natin’ by Janine Teñoso
‘Mundo’ by IV Of Spades

Best Ballad Recording
‘Right Now’ by Isabela Vinzon
‘Tagpuan’ by Moira Dela Torre
‘Ililigtas Ka Niya’ by Gary Valenciano
WINNER: ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang’ by Jaya
‘Anghel Sa Lupa’ by Ice Seguerra
‘'Di Na Muli’ by Janine Teñoso
‘Tama Na’ by Katrina Velarde
‘Ako Na Lang Sana’ by Mark Carpio

Best Pop Recording
‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos
‘What Are We Waiting For’ by Elha Nympha
‘Tuldok’ by Chan Millanes
‘Tagu-taguan’ by Moira Dela Torre
WINNER: ‘'Di Na Muli’ by Janine Teñoso

Best Rock/Alternative Recording
‘Ubasan’ by StickFiggas
WINNER: ‘Buwan’ by Juan Karlos
‘Mandirigma’ by Unit 406
‘Pagkagising Ko’ by Quacid
‘Ozone’ by Unique
‘Sayang Panahon’ by Hilera

Best World Music Recording
‘Woes And Phantoms’ by Thea
‘Pakitong-kitong’ by Lea Salonga
‘Luksong Tinik’ by Joey Ayala
WINNER: ‘Jak En Poy’ by Bullet Dumas
‘Ili (Hush)’ by Bea Lorenzo

Best Dance Recording
‘Poison’ by Darren Espanto
‘Never Be Far’ by Sitti
‘So Good’ by BRWN
WINNER: ‘Sarung Banggi’ by Sam Concepcion
‘Different Kind Of Love’ by Donny Pangilinan

Best Rap/HipHop Recording
‘Ubasan’ by StickFiggas
‘Kababata’ by Kritiko feat. Kyla
WINNER: ‘Lagi’ by Gloc-9 feat. Al James
‘Kalapati’ by Pio Balbuena feat. Thyro Alfaro
‘Lansangan’ by Ezro

Best R&B Recording
‘I Got You’ by Mikee Misalucha and Ephraim
‘So Good’ by BRWN
‘Picking Petals’ by Sassa
‘Only Gonna Love You’ by Kyla feat. REQ
WINNER: ‘Take It To Forever’ by Jona, Jay-R, and REQ

Best Song Written for Movie/TV/Stage Play
‘Mandirigma’ by Unit 404 / Teleserye: Bagani
‘Ililigtas Ka Niya’ by Gary Valenciano / Teleserye: FPJ's Ang Probinsyano
WINNER: ‘Isa Pang Araw’ by Sarah Geronimo / Movie: Miss Granny
‘Ang Awit Natin’ by Janine Teñoso / Movie: Para Sa Brokenhearted
'Susi’ by Ben&Ben / Movie: Goyo - Ang Batang Heneral


Music Video of the Year
'Fake Love’ by Kyline Alcantara
‘Maibalik’ by JBK
‘Sugarol’ by Maris Racal
WINNER: 'Tagpuan’ by Moira Dela Torre
‘Take That Man’ by IV Of Spades