7 OMAM Songs for 7 Different Moments

7 OMAM Songs for 7 Different Moments

Monsters from all over the country will be restless for roughly a fortnight and some: Of Monsters and Men will soon be performing on a Manila stage for the first time ever, along with a much-awaited return to Singapore. With their folk-pop melodies and lyrical verses, they undoubtedly deserve not only to be the highlight of your May schedule but also a spot on your everyday playlist.

Don’t be mistaken, though. Listening to this Icelandic group pre-concert isn’t just for the benefit of us practicing our hip-swaying and head-bopping for the main thing. From calming and easy-going, uplifting and refreshing to downright sad and weepy, the tracks from their two albums fit many of the different moments that we experience daily – and wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you’re in your own three-minute movie complete with an Oscar-worthy soundtrack?

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Aside from the much-loved Little Talks, here are seven more OMAM songs that perfectly score the special and the mundane in our lives:

From Finner, My Head Is an Animal

Listen to this when: swamped with tasks at work

Because:  Almost mournful, the song starts as heavy as that pit-in-your-stomach feeling you get when office stress gets to you. When you listen closely, though, it's as if Nanna is just there, your colleague dishing you a story about her newest adventure. Only her tale is way more interesting than any piece of office gossip you have ever heard. And your boss isn't telling you off for being noisy. (The accordion solo is a nice touch, too.) 


Slow and SteadyMy Head Is an Animal

Listen to this when: stretching before your workout session

Because: The steady beat of the bass drum would go very well with you counting eights for each body part you stretch. This song gives off a vibe that makes you want to breathe, well, slow and steady. Feel fueled for that fifteen-minute jog as the band croons about moving, running and dancing.


Mountain Sound, My Head Is an Animal

Listen to this when: going on a ride for that long-awaited vacation

Because: If the first two lines don't scream "Road trip!" to you, then we don't know what would. Can't you feel the engine revving with those upbeat mix of instruments? Their on-point lyrics is also a great reminder of freedom and friendship that is "nothing like the rest."

HumanBeneath the Skin

Listen to this when: having a bad day

Because:  When nothing seems to be going your way, you're having a difficult time with the people around you or you're simply not in the mood, chances are your heart feels like it's pulled and plucked as heavily as the guitar strings in this song. Aptly titled, this track is best savored with your eyes closed and with the thought of caging those emotional animals in and letting the human in you take over.


Six Weeks, My Head Is an Animal

Listen to this when: feeling homesick

Because: This might as well be one of the most beautiful ways to express your frustration and loneliness. When already overwhelmed with how stressful everything that you have to deal with is (and in a new place nonetheless), half-scream the song's chorus -- then sing with crystal-clear confidence that you're "coming back / I'm coming back / coming back / I'm coming back..."


OrgansBeneath the Skin

Listen to this when: thinking of love and all its complications

Because: There are only a few things that are more heart-wrenching than how one is reminded by his or her own body "how it all went wrong." 


King and LionheartMy Head Is an Animal

Listen to this when: something daunting is at hand

Because: Whether it's a choice that will decidedly affect your future, the size of the looming laundry you have to finish over the weekend or the pesky Monday traffic you have to endure, OMAM reminds you to feel brave and tall despite it all through this song's chill composite of percussion beats and guitar strings. After listening to this track, feel refreshed, hopeful and inspired, knowing that your world isn't coming to an end after all.

Listen to more songs from Of Monsters and Men here:

Of Monsters and Men performs at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore on May 10, and the World Trade Center in Manila on May 12, 2016.

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